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This guide should tell you everything you need to know about end of tenancy cleaning.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning otherwise known as post tenancy cleaning, is a sanitation procedure that ensures that the property you tenanted is in the same condition as it was before you began renting it. End of tenancy cleaning London companies work with inventory clerks and landlords to ensure that all items noted in a check-list are thoroughly sanitized. This can include all items within kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, hall ways and stairs. Post tenancy cleaning ensures that the property restored to the state it was in prior to tenancy.

Who needs End of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning London companies are highly sought after by tenants hoping to get their tenancy deposit back. Most tenancy agreements stipulate that the rented property should be professionally cleaned after the tenant has moved out ready for new tenants to move in. Due to the increased cost of housing prices in London, more people than ever are now living in rented accommodation. Enlisting an end of tenancy cleaning London based service, helps London tenants meet their tenancy agreements and retrieve their tenancy deposit back from their landlord or letting agent. End of tenancy cleaning London companies are  also required by estate agents, landlords and inventory clerks to ensure properties are clean in preparation for rental or sale.  In the United Kingdom it is expected that properties up for rent or sale are clean before new owners or tenants move in. End of Tenancy cleaning assists in selling or renting properties by making them visually appealing to prospective tenants or buyers.

What to look for in a good End of Tenancy London company?

Due to the high demand of the service there are is no shortage end of tenancy cleaning companies to choose from in London. That’s why it’s important to choose carefully when paying for an end of tenancy cleaning to ensure you’re paying for a quality service.

A Quality End of Tenancy London Cleaning Company should deliver the following:

Staff Speak Fluent English- It is essential that the cleaners speak fluent English, thus enabling supervisors and inventory clerks too communicate to cleaners as to what needs to be cleaned.

Experienced and Vetted Cleaners – When paying for a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, it is recommended that you verify that the service provider’s cleaners are experienced and vetted cleaners. No one wants to pay premium prices and receive a less than premium service. Hiring a service that thoroughly vets their cleaners ensures that the cleaners can legally work in the UK and are able to clean to a high standard.

Guaranteed Service- Most high end post tenancy cleaning providers offer a fully guaranteed service, meaning that if you are in anyway dissatisfied with the service you receive, you are entitled to a full refund. Guaranteed service ensures that if you don’t get your tenancy deposit back after the clean you get a full refund. If you are a tenant hoping to get your deposit back, full guarantee ensures that a full refund will be issued if your landlord is in anyway dissatisfied with the clean.

Work in accordance with check in/out lists- In order to meet the requirements of tenancy agreements, it is much advised too hire a company that ensures it’s cleaners can work in adherence too checklists that are usually provided by either the landlord of letting agency. In the absence of such a list, many companies with previous experience of working with landlords will be able to devise their own lists to ensure the satisfaction of the landlord or letting agent.

Fixed Price- Most end of tenancy cleaning companies offer either a fixed price or charge per hour. We advise that you hire an end of tenancy cleaning company that offers a fixed price for the completion of all tasks outlined in a check-list. By paying for a fixed end of tenancy cleaning price it is fully transparent as to exactly what you’re paying , thus eliminating the risk of half completed jobs and overspent budgets. You are more likely to end up paying more, if you pay an hourly rate for your cleaning service. Cleaning is very labour intensive and therefore can be time consuming, potentially costing you more money than your budget permits. Also make that when being quoted for a clean, that they include the VAT in the pricing, as some companies may try to make the service seem cheaper by not including it. For more information on prices please visit this page.

Fully equipped- Use a service that provides it’s own cleaning equipment, such as high powered vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, mops, ladders, buckets and top of the shelf domestic cleaning products.

Dedicated supervisor- Dedicated supervisors are responsible for managing the cleaning team and ensuring cleaning is carried out in conformance with cleaning guidelines and checklist reports. They are able to work alongside inventory clerks, landlords or letting agents. Supervisors are there to make sure everything in the checklist is cleaned to a high standard.